The Real Costs of Termite Control

We all know that termites are a threat to our structures, but for many of us, they seem like a distant threat. Unless we have already discovered a termite infestation, we think very little about the danger.

If you are considering hiring a pest control professional to treat your home or business but are not sure that you want to make monthly payments, take a few minutes to consider the real cost of termite control.

The Real Costs of Termite Control

Every year, consumers spend over $2 billion on termite control and prevention. That may sound like a lot of money, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Unfortunately, even more money is spent on termite damage control. Research shows that over $5 billion is spent each year addressing damage after a termite infestation. Cosmetic damage is a relatively easy problem to address, but in the event of structural damage, people may wind up paying well into the thousands of dollars on home repairs.

$2 billion to prevent, versus $5 billion to recover. The data is clear. If you are not going to pay for professional termite control, you are going to pay more in the end.

The time is right to consider hiring a pest control professional. Professionals will not only take steps to prevent infestations, but their regular home checks and treatments will also ensure that signs of termites are spotted early on, allowing for faster and more effective removal. In long run, those who invest in professional pest control save time, hassle, and money.