Termite Inspection in Maryland

Termite infestation can cause untold damage to homes and commercial buildings before the problem is detected. Termites primarily feed on wood, often starting in concealed areas and spreading insidiously. Termites often stay hidden until the swarming season from March to May. At this stage, swarmers emerge, shed their wings and mate to start new colonies. Detecting an infestation in the early stages is crucial to managing termite problems.

Detecting Termite Infestation

The presence of termite swarmers is a sign of infestation that should not be ignored. Swarmers are attracted to light, so they may be found near doors and windows. It is particularly troubling if swarmers or their wings are found near the building’s foundation or on porches and patios.Termites build mud tubes as protective tunnels for traveling between their exterior colonies and the building. About a diameter of a pencil, these tubes are particularly troubling when found near the foundation, floor joists or sill plates.

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 Termites can damage the softer core of wood, leaving the exterior intact. This makes it difficult for the untrained observer to detect any damage. Telltale signs of termite problems vary but wood that has been damaged by subterranean termites break easily, revealing mud-filled, hollowed out interiors. Left untreated, termite damage can affect the structural integrity of a building, leading to expensive repairs.

Managing Termite Infestation

Signs of termite infestation in a residential or commercial structure should not be ignored. It is best to call in professional termite exterminators to assess the problem and prepare a schedule of treatment, maintenance and preventive measures to minimize re-infestation. At Arterix, our strategy consists of comprehensive treatment and management with separate plans for an active infestation and a preventive plan.

Arterix action plan for active infestations

In this plan we apply the termiticide and install termite monitoring stations to check for termite activity. It may take 3 months for the treatment to work and comes with a 1 year chemical retreatment guarantee. If the customers choose, they can sign up for our annual inspections for the next 9 years, and during that period of time if a new infestation is found (starting after 3 months of the treatment date) we guarantee chemical retreatments and damage repairs.

This service comes with a a 10-year transferable guarantee for retreatments and damage repairs if active termites are found within the period. The guarantee is transferable in case the property changes hands.

The Arterix preventive plan

This consists annual termite inspection program, liquid treatment and baiting station installation.

Termite annual inspections is the least costly and least protection in terms of subterranean termite prevention. We inspect the property for subterranean termites and if termite infestation is found, a local chemical treatment is provided. No damage repair guarantee is provided.

Liquid treatments are done once every 10 years, and the subsequent 9 years we do 1 annual inspection per year. During this time if a live and active termite infestation is found, we not only provide chemical retreatments but also repair termite-related repairs. Both of those guarantees are transferable.

Termite baiting station installation program requires 4-times-a-year inspections and does not come with damage repair guarantee.

The Arterix Guarantee

Arterix is in the business of helping property owners protect their investment from major damage from subterranean termites. Our specialists are trained in safe strategies to detect, exterminate and prevent termite re-infestation. For about a dollar per day, you can have peace of mind that a termite professional is looking out for your property.

Contact an Arterix professional today to get a free quote on termite extermination or prevention plans for your property.