Ticks: The Tiny Disease Carrying Vampires

Have you ever noticed tiny, elongated pest lingering on your pet? Or a small dark spots on your legs or socks after being outside? Well, these can be the potentially dangerous pest called ticks. Here is where you will need an effective tick pest control service to get rid of these bugs.


Although small in size, the tick can cause a big problem by bringing the fatal diseases like Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. These creepier parasites stick to its host, insert their mouth part in their skin and suck the blood until their body expands like tiny water balloons. They feed on blood leaving behind the itchy, irritating marks along with some deadly disease.

Threats Associated With The Tick

When ticks bite a person, a red, raised area itchy spot is developed as a reaction. This skin reaction can remain visible for a few days, but in certain cases, it can be felt for much longer. Apart from the itchy reaction, these pernicious, nasty little critters are the primary vector for Lyme disease, a potentially serious illness. While enjoying their sanguineous feast, these blood-sucking parasites might be transmitting the disease-causing bacterium. Apart from Lyme disease here are some serious illnesses that can be caused by the tick.

Rocky Mountain spotted fever – A fatal bacterial infection

Typhus –An infectious disease

Tick paralysis – Illness that cause breathing problems

Colorado Tick Fever – A potential viral infection

How Did You Get Ticks

Ticks crawl up low brush or grass in search of a host. These parasitic pests grab onto a passing animal or human using their legs. Or they just drop from their perch and stick onto a passing host. They bury their curved teeth deeply into the skin of the host to stay attached and feed for long periods of time. A single tick bought into your home is enough to have tick infestation. These parasitic arachnids usually attach themselves to your pets, and it is hard to spot them. Hence it is advised to rely on a pro tick exterminator to eliminate these blood-sucking parasites from your home.

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Need Help With Tick Control, Give Us A Call

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