Termites: the Silent Destroyer thriving in Your Home

Is there any darkening or sagging in your ceiling that seems like just water damage? Or did you just discover tunnelling in any exposed beams in your attic or living space? Well, this might not be a flaw in the wood, and the culprit can be the wood chewing pest, yes you guessed it right, the termites. Termites are the tiny intruders that quietly invade your home. While you are busy doing your work, these wood-eating pest might be silently sawing into your floor joists, hollowing out your woodwork or cutting into your wall studs. So, you must call a pro termite exterminator before it is too late.

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Damage Caused By Termites

The presence of termite in your home can cause devastating damage to your property. Known as a silent destroyer, these creepy bugs invade your home silently and start its destruction without any immediate signs of damage. Unfortunately, all the home with cellulose-based plant materials can have a potential risk of termite infestation. The insatiable hunger for wood of these destructive pests is causing billions of dollars worth of damage in the US alone. It will just take around 2 years for these crawling insects to destroy your home.

The Warning Signs Of Termite Infestation

  • Cracked or bubbling paint or frass
  •  Swarm of winged insects in your home
  •  Hollow sounds from the wood when tapped
  •  Presence of mud tubes on wooden beams or walls
  •  Discarded wings of swarmers

Why Termite Reside In Your Home?

Wooden structures, like porches and decks near your home or cracks or gaps around pipes and wires, gives these annoying pests access to your home. Also, if you have a stack of firewood leaning against the house or damp soil, trees and shrubs close to your building, it can serve as an entering point for these pests. These pests can live quite long without food, but the thing that they can’t live without is the moisture. So, they look for moisture and get much more attracted to a house with consistently moist soil.

Arterix Pest Control- Your Reliable Termite Exterminator

When you need the complete and effective eradication of termites from your home, Arterix Pest Control is the one to trust. With years of industry experience in termite pest control, we take pride in serving expert, and certified team for every pest infestation problem across the U.S. We understand that terminates can put a hole in your property as well as your wallet. Hence we use advanced solutions and the latest extermination methods to solve your pest problem as soon as possible. We inspect the infected space to gauge the level of infestation and the type of termites before planning the treatment plan. Once done with inspection, we formulate an effective plan and implement it to make your home termite free. Our certified technicians will get the job done efficiently while ensuring the safety of your home. Kick out these irritating and destructive intruders from your house with Arterix Pest Control.

Contact Us before The Termites Eats Up Your House

As an expert termite exterminator, Arterix Pest Control has years of experience in treating all type of termites. We are well-equipped to inspect your home or business thoroughly and solve your termite trouble. Call us at 800-496-2337 or contact us online to know more about our termite pest control services.