Rodents: The Disease-Carrying Intruders In Your Home

Do you hear that squeaks and rustling noises coming from the walls? Or do you notice gnaw-marks on your cereal box or paw prints that don’t belong to your pets? If yes, you might have a rodent in your home. Rodents are a group of annoying pests that includes rats, mice, moles, gophers, tree squirrels and ground squirrels. These disease carriers and prolific breeders can set up camp inside your space and get you a serious problem. During fall and winter months, these annoying mammals seek shelter indoors. Once inside, they can bring more than just the unpleasant infestation.

Other Risks Associated With Rodents

Rodents can pose more risk to your safety by gnawing through wires that can cause electrical fires. Also, these pests can serve as a carrier for bacteria like salmonella and contaminate the food sources, kitchen surfaces and equipment. The potentially fatal Hantavirus can be caused by white-footed deer mouse. Apart from this rodents can also transmit the following disease.

  •  Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis
  •  Tularemia
  •  Plague
  •  Leptospirosis
  •  Colorado Tick Fever
  •  Cutaneous Leishmaniasis

The Telltale Signs of a Rodent Problem

You might think your home is rodent-free until you discover that tiny paw prints that don’t belong to your home. Or you can notice the little gnaw marks on your cereal box, small, black granular-shaped droppings and musky odour in certain rooms when there is a rodent in your home. The scurry behind the walls indicates the presence of mice in your space, and you can even catch an occasional glimpse of this little intruder as they scamper across your floor. These prolific breeders can hide inside the tiniest of holes and call your place their home.

How Do Rodents Get Into Your Home?

A sight of rodent crawling in the floor can incite fear in even the most composed homeowner. These resourceful creatures can enter a building even through the smallest opening or crack and need just a little space to travel inside. These annoying pests can squeeze through very small holes and travel
through sewer lines. If there is a crack in your foundations or an attic opening a rodent can find it idle to live happily and multiply.

DIY Methods vs Professional Rodent Pest Control Services

You may find plenty of rodent remedies like glue traps, rat poison and electric rat repel equipment over the internet. But these DIY solutions can’t be that effective. We understand that you may try to address these problems on your own. But while the trap can catch only single rodent at a time, you can imagine how much time it would take to catch all the rodent. Also, there is no guarantee that your home will not have future infestations. In some cases, these pests can avoid these traps altogether. On the other hand, professional rodent exterminators know the methods to effectively address the entire infestation.

Arterix Pest Control: The specialist In Controlling Rodent

Arterix Pest Control is the pros when it comes to understanding rodents. We are the experienced rodent exterminator with the ability to tackle all your rodent control needs effectively. Our certified
professionals will pinpoint the cause of your rodent problem and then solve it completely. We can eradicate all kind of rodents like a rat, mice, gophers, tree squirrels and moles from your home. With highly trained specialists, best equipment and targeted treatment method we can handle any level of rodent infestations.

Keep The Rodents In Check With Arterix Pest Control

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