Moths: The Culprit Behind The Chewed Holes In Your Clothes

Do you often discover little holes in your blanket or sweater? Chances are there is moth infestation in your home. Although these fluttering pests don't bite, buzz, or sting, it is nothing short of super frustrating when you find wriggling larvae in your cereal or holes in your new jumpers. These little creamy-white insects hide in your cupboard, drawers and wardrobes and produce up to 30-200 eggs per sitting. The larva thus released can continue decimating your clothing for up to 30 months. They hide under their webbing mats and emerge in the dark to feed on your fabrics.


Damage Caused By These Nuisances

The extent of moth damage can be determined by the degree of infestation. If large populations of this insect reside in your house, it can be quite costly. They leave behind holes in clothes and feces stains as they feed. Their moth webbing, cocoons, and dropping can also contaminate your food.

How Do These Silent-Winged Villains Get Into Your Homes?

Variety of household items attracts these pesky pests to reside in your home and lay eggs. The clothes moths are found around fabrics while the pantry moth can be spotted near dry goods, including grains, nuts, flours, spices, and chocolate. These annoying pests can hitch rides into your home on second-hand furniture that you bought or gaps or cracks on any structure.

No More Holey Clothes: Let Arterix Pest Control Handle Your Moth Problem

The dark, forgotten corners appeal these tiny insects to hide and breed happily. There can be hundreds of eggs of female clothes moths laid on the corner. These eggs will be soon hatched into hordes of hungry little caterpillars that munch on your carpets and feast on your silks. So, if your fabrics are at the end of its life and you think moths are making a meal of your wools, it is high time to call Arterix Pest Control, the pro moth exterminator.

Arterix Pest Control: A Professional Moth Exterminator You Can Trust

Latest equipment and extensive knowledge and experience are required to deal with the unique challenges of moth pest control. Arterix Pest Control has it all to solve your moth problem effectively. We understand that each infestation is different, so we provide treatment after assessing the infested place and gauging the level of infestation. With a team of certified pro technician, we can handle even the most difficult moth infestation. We can also offer detailed prevention instructions to help you stop any more moths, eggs or larvae getting into your place.

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As an expert moth exterminator, Arterix Pest Control has certified team to handle your moth problem. We will comb over every nook and cranny of your home to gauge the level of infestation and the source. If your home is teeming with creepy crawlies, we can make it or completely moth-free with our targeted methods and latest technology. We specialize in moth pest control and have a team of the most trusted and experienced moth exterminators in the U.S. Get in touch with us through our website or give us a call at 800-496-2337 to know more about our services.