Flies: The most Annoying Flying Buzzing Guests in Your Home

Are files driving you insane? Well, nothing seems more annoying than the constant buzzing sound of the flies. The presence of a single fly is enough to cause a big nuisance. It simply gets on your nerves when you see these flying creatures wavering around your food while you are calmly munching. The sad part is you can’t encounter every single fly with a flyswatter. Even a single fly can lay up to 9,000 eggs. Now you can imagine how many flying guests you will see if there are 2 or 3 flies in your house.


What’s the Big Deal With Annoying Flies?

Yes, flies are irritating, but unfortunately, this isn’t the worst of it. They can even transmit diseases like typhoid, cholera, dysentery and diarrhoea. Many ignore these small infestations as they assume it will not cause much harm. But remember, flies can breed quickly, and some flies can grow up from egg stage to the adult stage in just 7 days. So, it is better to address a fly infestation and consider fly pest control before it turns into a large and serious problem.

How to End the Flies problem?

You may have tried to kill some of the flies in your house with flyswatters and sprays. No doubt, it can limit some amount of eggs that are laid, but you can’t completely mitigate the problem this way. These stubborn insects will continue to reproduce. Keep your home clean and sanitize the fly prone area to prevent the flies from entering your home. Also, get rid of the extra moisture that is inviting for the flies.

If you still experience the problem with flies, it is time to call an expert fly exterminator.

Signs Of Serious Fly Infestation

• Small dark patches of spots

If you notice any dark patches of spots in areas like wall surfaces, fittings, pipes, near sink etc., it can be the sign of infestation that needs to be addressed as quickly as possible.

• Seeing a number of flies every day

Just a couple of flies once in a while are not something to worry about, but if you see a large number of flies every day, you must call a professional fly exterminator to help.

• Maggots

The larval stage of the flies is called maggot that eventually turns into adult flies in a matter of few days. When you notice a massive amount of maggots, there are chances of infestation, and you need an effective fly pest control.

Call Arterix Pest Control for Quick and Effective Fly Control Service

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