Centipedes & Millipedes

It is annoying to see the creepy worm-like creatures crawling around with hundreds of legs. If you are seeing such a crawling thing invading your home, it can be centipedes or millipedes. Although, these moisture loving creatures do not bite or sting, it can cause you an allergic reaction by releasing the sticky substance. They have hair-like wavering legs, and they curl into a circular shape when approached.


Centipedes: The Tiny Crawling Hundred-Leggers

These are the small arthropods with a flat yellowish or brown body. Although their name implies ‘a hundred legs,’ they don’t have a hundred legs exactly but between 20 and 350. Wondering whether these insects are dangerous or not? Although they can give you a painful bite, it doesn’t transfer any diseases and doesn’t cause serious damage. They just enter your home in search of food and become a problem when invading in large numbers.

Millipedes: The Thousand-Legged Creepy-Crawlies

Millipedes mean ‘a thousand legs’. Well, these nocturnal insects don’t have a thousand legs actually, but they do have quite a lot. Their number of legs can be in between 80 and 400 and they posses rounded brown or black bodies. Even if they don’t bite or sting it soon becomes a headache when they enter your home in large numbers.

Why Centipedes & Millipedes Are There In Your Home?

A moist environment is all that centipedes and millipedes need to survive and grow. So, the damp areas like basement, bathroom and areas under the sink attract such creatures. A crack in your home’s foundation may appeal a curious millipede to wander around in your basement. Other wet areas like crawlspaces, sheds, and garages can also be a living space of millipedes. Moreover, when there is a termite invasion, the centipede will be there for a ready food source. These annoying insects love to settle down under leaky pipes and damp joists and call your place home while feasting on juicy bugs.

How to Get Rid of Centipedes & Millipedes

Centipedes & millipedes pest control is not something to do your own. You may be tricked by many promising products and services to use their chemicals to eradicate these pests once and for all. But this way, you will end up with wasting your time and money. It requires professional centipedes and millipedes exterminator to tackle such issue.

Arterix pest control: The Smart Choice for Centipedes & Millipedes Control

At Arterix pest control, we offer effective treatments for both inside and outside your house. We inspect the pest prone areas in your home and prepare a centipedes & millipedes pest control plan depending on the type of insect and the level of infestation. Also, our pro centipedes & millipede exterminator provide expert advice to prevent these insects in the future. Our experienced professionals and latest equipment enable us to get to the root of the centipedes and millipedes problem and treat it effectively.

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