Don’t belittle a beetle

Huddled up in the corners of a ceiling, the miniature black pests with wings are often mistaken as the ladybug. But these might not be the ladybug your grandmother warned you about saying that killing them bring you bad luck. This can be a beetle, a cockroach-like pest that can actually wreak havoc in your house. With hard outer shell covering the wings, these insects come in various size, shape and color. They can damage your furniture, fabric food and plant. To add to it, they multiply at a rapid rate and make approximately 25% of all life forms on earth.


Where to Look For the Beetles?

Beetles can be found in the soil, animal carcasses, foodstuffs, tree barks, mucky areas etc. Although they usually tend to live close to nature, on the onset of winter and lights, they tend to move towards houses. They inhabit carpets and sofas and tend to stick close to food sources. Windows, fresh-cut flowers, plants, and wall cavities are some of the entry points of these insects.

Beetles can cause harm in more ways than you think

The plant-eating beetles can cause harms to your pants in the garden. However, if you notice these pests inside your home, it can be much more destructive. If you do not pay attention, it can infest your food, damage your wooden furnishing, and ruin your clothing upholstery and draperies. Such damage can be avoided with a professional beetle pest control. Beetle extermination requires specialized tools technology and expertise that we at Arterix pest control can offer.

Some deadly facts about the beetle

Beetle bites can cause pregnancy complications and allergic reaction to the older people. A big blister can be formed in children after getting bitten and result in health complication if they are allergic to bites.

Arterix pest control: Your reliable beetle exterminator

We believe that knowing the enemy is the best way to tackle the problem effectively. This is why we just don’t rush through the treatment but do a thorough inspection and create a control plan that will work against that particular species. We will keep you clued in with our beetle pest control treatment procedure so that you can trust us to the fullest.

If it can’t be removed by cutting out the food and light source of beetle with vacuuming and sanitation practices, we can use chemical treatments to get them out of your home. Plus, we use the latest technology to perfect the job, and with our insect growth regulator, we eradicate the pests that are still in the larva or pupa stage to make sure the infestation does not return.

Call Us To Make Your Home Beetle Free!

As an expert beetle exterminator, we can solve your beetle problem effectively. With most innovative processes, latest technology and certified technicians, we make sure you get rid of these unwanted visitors completely. To prevent any future infestation, we will also offer some expert tips. Give us a call at 800-496-2337 to know more about our beetle exterminator services.