Bees and wasps: The tiny stinging insects

The honey might be sweet, but the sting of the bee is definitely not!

Did you just notice some bees or wasps flying around your yard? This means a wasp nest or beehive is nearby. Although these little insects are beneficial for your garden as they spread pollen and kill other pests, their sting can be more than painful. It can even cause severe reactions that require urgent medical attention. It is better to rely on professional bees & wasp exterminator to eliminate these insects.

Bees & Wasps

How to identify the bees and wasps?

Wasps are the small insects with a pair of wings and a skinny abdomen. However, bees are black with brown, orange, or yellow stripes on their body. The nests of the wasps look like umbrella shaped cones attached by a single stalk to a horizontal surface and are usually found in attics, tree branches, soffits, porches, porch undersides, window corners, or the insides of grills.

However, beehives are honeycomb cells built out of wax and tree cavities, buildings, and holes in the ground are some commonplace to find their hives. But one thing is common about both the insects and that is they are prone to attack if they feel their hive or queen is threatened.

How to Keep the Bees and wasps Out

Don’t ever try to tackle the removal of a bee or wasp hive or nest on your own. This can be dangerous as they attack in swarms and you can get multiple stings. If you are allergic, it can cause a severe reaction and anaphylactic shock. Removing the stinging pests requires special skills and equipment, and hence it is wise to leave it to the pros.

When it comes to the effective and quick pest control, Arterix pest control is the best option for you. We are professional bees & wasp exterminator with years of experience and expertise in pest control.

Arterix pest control: Bees and wasps extermination pros

We know exactly what it takes for a successful bees & wasp pest control and prevention and eliminating the stinging pest is our speciality. Hives or nests are often found in hard to reach areas, and our skilled professionals have the knowledge and special equipment to deal with such issue. At Arterix pest control, we are more than happy to solve your pest problem.

Our Integrated Bees And Swap Control Approach

Our team of professionals follows an integrated pest control approach to treat the infestation most effectively.

The Inspection

Our process begins with examining your home to determine the type of bee or wasp species and the extent of your bee or wasp problem. It is important as some insect may require different means of control.

Bees and wasps extermination

After, analyzing the situation, we formulate a control plan and get to work to remove these stingy insects from your place. Our bees & wasps pest control method may include destroying the nest or relocating the insects.


If required, we can continue to monitor your place to see if there is any sign of new bee or wasp infestations. We will also give you some valuable advice to prevent the infestation in the future.

Contact Us For Quick and Effective Bees & Wasps Control

Specialized in stinging insect control service, we can effectively handle and prevent the bees and wasps in your home or business. Our professional and targeted methods and certified technicians enable us to offer quick and reliable bees & wasp pest control service across the U.S. We use the most innovative process and latest technology to end insect invasions quickly. If you find wasps or bees flying around your property, just give us a call!