Ants inside your home or business premises are quite annoying. These eusocial insects can be extremely destructive to your food and property if not controlled by the right time. Ants also bring health diseases to your family, pets or employees. They can destroy entire crops and livestock. So, it’s important to take the necessary steps to control Ants as soon as you notice them around you.

Ants truly become a nuisance when they enter into your home and businesses. The more challenging part is it’s not easy to get rid of ants entirely at your own. No matter how hygienic you keep your place, they keep coming back.

Undoubtedly, there are so many DIY products and techniques advertised to control ants. However, to keep them from entering your place, you need a professional pest control service. A professional ant exterminator manages the ant infestation and reduces their recurrence.


Controlling Ants in your home

DIY ant control remedies often provide less than satisfactory results. Eventually, small things turn into large problems, and this is when people usually seek professional ant pest control services.

Our experienced ant exterminators are able to identify the ant species. Accordingly, they provide the most effective and quick solution to deal with the ants at your place. Once we deal with the ideas, we suggest you the necessary precautionary steps to keep ants away.

Controlling ants in your business premises

Hiring a professional ant pest control service is the best way to get rid of these insects from your office premises. Arterix Pest Control follows the best approach to ensure you a long-term protection:

  • We speak to your employees and educate them about their roles in pest management at the workplace.
  • We guide management about the proper waste disposal and sanitation to diminish infestation.
  • We use the right ant control treatment for specific circumstances within your company.

Signs of an Ant Infestation

Following are the telltale signs that you have an ant infestation within your office or home premises. Ants are most active during sundown; do pay attention to these sings during these hours:

Ant Pathways: Ant pathway is a train in and out of your premises. Some ant species lay down a pheromone trail, which leads them from the colony to the food source.

Live Ants: A large number of live ants in your premises is alarming. If you find them in your kitchen or other food areas, do something as fast as possible.

Ant Nest: An ant nest looks like a tiny pile of soil or dirt. Some ant species make their homes in walls or hidden dark places, which are difficult to notice quickly.

Contact Professional Ant Exterminator Service – Arterix Pest Control

We are a team of seasoned and knowledgeable pest control technicians who carry out the right treatment for your home or business. Our pest control experts undergo our periodic training programs to keep their knowledge up-to-date.

Our extensive experience and understanding of this field enable us to identify the right targeted treatment to get rid of ants in your premise.

For effective ant control, contact Arterix Pest Control on 800-496-2337. Our representative will receive your call and discuss our ant pest control and ant exterminator procedures with you.