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Arterix Pest Control offers general pest control with customized protection plans. We understand pests can cause health concerns and structural damage. As pests contaminate numerous surfaces around your home, illness spreads. Also, certain pests can cause wood damage. This means your furniture or walls may become damaged. Many times, an infestation is not detected until expensive repairs are necessary.

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Our Goals

Our simple goal is to eliminate pests and bring customers peace of mind. Pest issues are very stressful. When we receive your call, we try to determine your issue over the phone. We get to work quickly so that you save time and money. More than 95 percent of our jobs are scheduled within 48 hours, but most are next-day guaranteed. Emergencies are always accommodated as well. Usually, we offer a range of prices in our quotes so that there are never any surprises. We address your particular issues without overselling. After we are hired, a trained, licensed, and bonded technician provides information regarding our pest control process, which includes how the treatment works, what to expect following treatment, and preventative steps to take in the future.

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Residential Pest Control Packages

Basic package

We offer our general pest control service 4 times a year, however they are not quarterly. We provide the first service April/May, second in June, Third in August and fourth in October/November. If an infestation of a covered pest occurs between our regular visits, we’ll provide treatment of it at no extra charge. Covered pests of basic pest control service will include paper wasps, ants, non-poisonous spiders, cockroaches, mice, millipedes, centipedes, earwigs, silverfish and crickets. Arterix pest control was founded to compliment Beekeepers stinging and biting insect control services with comprehensive pest and termite control. Quarterly general pest control, subterranean termite preventative treatment and bed bug monitoring and preventative treatment have become signature services offered by Arterix pest control.

Comprehensive package

Our comprehensive pest control service will include the basic package plus all stinging insects-bees, hornets, yellow jackets and cicada killers.

April visit

During this treatment we’ll inspect inside of the house for potential mice activity in the basement, kitchen and attic(if accessible). We will also spray and clean spiderwebs from the basement and garage, treat ants inside the house, then we’ll check the outside of the house for stinging insect infestation, clean spiderwebs around the house and do a perimeter liquid chemical treatment.

June visit

Our June visit will include checking on the mice baiting stations and adding more bait if neccessary, also we will check the exterior of the house for potential mice entry points. Unless something major, we can seal those openings to prevent future access to the house. Spiderwebs will be cleaned in and outside of the house, if present, stinging insects will be treated.

August visit

This treatment will be mostly outside and will be primarily geared towards stinging insect treatment. However, we will always notify our customers prior and find out if they had had activity of covered pests inside of the house. If so, we will treat those pests inside as well.

October visit

This will be the last treatment of the season, we would check on the mice baiting stations and add more bait if necessary, clean spiderwebs in and outside of the house, check for stinging insect activity outside and do another liquid chemical treatment around the exterior perimeter of the house.

Our Guarantees

We take pride in providing effective and safe services and stand behind our treatments. Our stinging insect removal comes with a season-long guarantee. Our subterranean termite preventative treatment program comes with a 10-year transferable guarantee for re-treatments and damage repairs.

Since 1982, Arterix has been providing top quality pest control services and competitive pricing. We offer employment opportunities to the disabled. For instance, one of our dispatchers works from a wheelchair, and one is legally blind. When you hire us, you indirectly help them. For more information, call us today.