Mosquitoes: The Pesky, Deadly Disease-causing Bloodsuckers

No doubt, mosquitoes are one of the peskiest annoyances in summer. These tiny bloodsuckers may hide inside your home looking for a chance to take a blood meal. Or they may wander in your backyard while waiting for your blood to feast upon. But the irritating red itchy bump is not all that this tiny pest gives. Their drone is irritating, and bites are itchy, but there is a much more serious concern. They carry deadly diseases like encephalitis, dengue and yellow fever. This means if you see a number of misquotes in your home, tons of perilous diseases are knocking on your door.

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How Serious Are These Tiny Mosquitoes?

The ubiquitous presence of mosquitoes in your home or yard is a red flag that you shouldn’t ignore.
Mosquitoes are a vector of some deadly disease like Zika virus. This rare disease may lead to congenital disabilities in pregnant women. West Nile virus and some encephalitis are also caused by this annoying pest. Here are some severe mosquito-borne diseases that are causing millions of deaths worldwide.

  •  Malaria
  •  Dengue
  •  Chikungunya
  •  Yellow fever
  •  Filariasis
  •  Tularemia,
  •  Dirofilariasis
  •  Ross River fever

What About Your Space Attract The Mosquitoes?

These biting pests find their way inside through open doors or windows. They reside in the dark, hidden areas in your house and come out at night to drink blood out of you. Under the sink, closet and laundry rooms are the common mosquito-prone areas in your home. Standing water is the most tempting place for the mosquitoes to breed. So, if you live near ponds, marshes, and depressions with rainwater, you need to take preventive measures. For more severe cases, you should call a pro mosquito exterminator for help.

Arterix Pest Control: Top Mosquito Exterminator In The U.S.

Arterix Pest Control provides effective mosquito pest control solutions to help you beat the bloodsuckers. Be it your home or the backyard; our certified mosquito exterminator can eradicate these pests from your place. Well-equipped with latest technology and tools, our pros can handle any level ofmosquito infestation.

How Can Arterix Pest Control Help?

At Arterix Pest Control, we follow an exclusive method with three critical steps to keep mosquitoes out of your space.

Step 1: Asses

First, we inspect your house or yard to find the breeding sites. Thus, we make sure these little suckers are not multiplying. Our expert technician looks for all the spaces including the places that are harder to spot.

Step 2: Implement

Next, we find an effective plan and implement that in all the mosquito-prone areas. We drive mosquitoes away from your place by using the latest equipment and technology.

Step 3: Monitor

We are not done until the mosquitoes are completely gone from your house. So, we can revisit the site to keep the mosquito population at bay.

Put an End to Your Mosquito Problem with Arterix Pest Control

If you are tired of battling mosquitoes, Arterix Pest Control is here to help. We provide efficient mosquito pest control solutions for residential and commercial clients. Contact us, and we will send a certified technician to walk-through your place. With the latest technology and well-trained professional, we can offer the most effective mosquito pest control across the U.S. Call us at 800- 96- 2337 for more information.