Commercial Pest Control Services

Your property makes a statement to the world about the cleanliness of your business and the care you put into it. The last thing you need is an infestation of stinging or biting insects. It’s the quickest possible way to send potential customers or residents running.

Since 1982, the fully bonded pest

Commercial Services

management professionals at Arterix have been effectively banishing biting and stinging insects from commercial properties just like yours. We take our job seriously because these pests are more than a mere inconvenience. For example, bee stings can prove fatal to a person who is allergic to them. Mosquitoes carry West Nile virus; ticks can harbor Lyme disease. Although bed bug bites are not fatal, they bring on itchy skin welts and the insects themselves are anxiety-provoking, to say the least.


Commercial Pest Control

At Arterix, our mission is to restore your peace of mind. We are committed to providing fast, caring customer service—on the same day for emergencies. When you call, we won’t bombard you with high-pressure sales tactics. Instead one of our professionals will discuss your issue in depth with you over the phone. In most cases, we can assess the problem during the call and quote you a price range for our services.

Once you hire us, we will give you a full picture of the procedures we will use to rid your property of pests. This will include a breakdown of the process and how it works, what to expect afterwards, and concrete advice on how to keep the insects from returning in the future. You’ll also have the peace of mind that comes from a solid guarantee on all of our services. Our stinging insects removal is guaranteed for the entire season. Our subterranean preventative treatment features a ten-year transferable guarantee for re-treatments, as well as damage repairs. Ask about our new bed bug monitoring and prevention program.

The Arterix difference means that every job we accept will be done promptly. Because we recognize how important it is that your commercial property is safe for your customers or residents, we make every effort to begin work the same day. We keep safety at the forefront: for you, your customers and our professionals. Best of all, we offer our gold standard pest control services at a competitive price.

As the owner or manager of a commercial property, you know the benefits of a sterling reputation. You cannot afford the loss of revenue and bad publicity that can come from a biting or stinging insect infestation. Call Arterix today and let us give you the peace of mind that comes with prompt, reliable, thorough and fully guaranteed pest removal services.