Bee Safe this Summer with Professional Bee and Wasp control

Summer is here, bringing in its wake long, lazy days full of sun-dappled outdoor pleasure. Whether you’re gardening, playing in the sprinkler with the kids, or just enjoying the summer breeze from the shade of your front porch, summer is the time to take extra precautions against bee and wasps stings.

With more people spending time outdoors during the summer, and late summer and early fall being the time when bees and wasps are more likely to sting, it only makes sense that this would be the primary season for bee-and-wasp-related injuries. Because of this, it’s important to take preventative measures to ensure your safety when out of doors.

Unfortunately, the outside is not the only place that bees and wasps can wreak havoc. Both paper wasps and mud wasps enjoy making their nests in roofs and attics, meaning the inside of your home is not always safe either. Since these nests are out of sight, sometimes they are difficult to detect, leaving wasp-infested homeowners perplexed as to the source of their irritants.


One of the main clues that there may be a wasp infestation in the house is that of a vibrating or humming noise that’s only detectable in the warm months, although given the set-up of some homes, this may not always be detectable.


If you’re suffering from a wasp infestation but can’t see the source, perhaps you’re suffering from an infestation. It’s probably unwise to investigate yourself; your best bet is to contact the professionals. They will not only be happy to venture into your attic to explore, but they will also come equipped to deal safely and efficiently with the infestation.