Bed Bug Pest Control Services in Rockville

Bed bugs are the world’s most dreaded pest. After a decades-long hiatus, these blood-sucking pests at up to the same old tricks. They’re infesting schools, movie theaters, hotels and private homes. At Arterix Pest Control, we understand how nerve-wracking an infestation can be. Even a stray bed bug can create an alarming situation in your home. These pests are especially tenacious because they hide in miniscule cracks during

Bed Bug Prevention

 the day and come out after residents are asleep. This behavior allows them to remain undetected and escape imprecise treatments.

Bed Bug Prevention and Monitoring

Bed Bug Pest Control Services in Rockville. An infestation can begin suddenly after traveling, visiting an infected business or purchasing used furniture or clothing. Once bed bugs have been detected, most people are concerned that they will come back. In addition to the irritating bites associated with bed bugs, these noxious pests cause anxiety and paranoia. Just thinking about them can make your skin crawl. If you’re concerned about bed bugs invading your home or returning, we can monitor your living spaces and provide an extensive range of preventive services.

Bed Bug Treatments

Our comprehensive approach focuses on assessing the situation accurately, treating the problem thoroughly and advising customers of steps they can take to prevent problems in the future. We use chemical treatments and mechanical equipment to remove bed bugs and to prevent nymphs and eggs from maturing. These treatment strategies are designed for optimal effectiveness and convenience.

If you’ve seen bed bugs in your home, we can help. Our experts are trained to detect and treat bed bugs using the most effective methods available. Arterix Home Services has more than three decades of experience in the field. We are licensed, bonded, fully insured and dedicated to your total satisfaction. Call us today to request a free quote for our bed bug removal and prevention services.